Dealing with period of low focus / energy

Like, I assume, everyone else, I have days when I am more focused and motivated and other days when I am less so.

What I have found helpful on the low-focus days is to work through the list of questions below. If a question triggers a response beyond a neutral yes/no then I know I have found something concrete to address in order to improve my focus.

  • Local factors
    • Did I get enough sleep yesterday?
    • Have I been eating enough / healthily?
    • Have I been exercising enough?
  • Work factors
    • Do I know what I am working on?
    • Do I know what the concrete next steps are to make progress?
    • Do I know what the ultimate vision is?
    • Am I convinced that the vision is a thing worth doing? Why or why not?
    • Has it been too long since I went on vacation?
  • External factors
    • Is there something else in my life that I am uncertain or stressed about?
    • Are there any decisions I know I need to make, but I’m putting off?
    • Are there any conversations I need to have with people that I have been delaying?
  • Spiritual factors
    • Do I feel like I’m on a good path in life generally?
    • Am I adequately expressing gratitude for the things I am grateful for?

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